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Found here which sent me on a crazy link trail. I wonder if these planters get moldy?


coolest blog name award goes to….


don’t buy books, paint them.

This makes me happy: Ideal Bookshelf.

Ideal Bookshelf

books are beautiful

Unbook review?

I’m so confused by what is meant by an “unbook unreview”.  So if an unbook is something that is never completely finished or something that is not JUST a book….this is opening up a whole new world for me to think about.  Is this blog an unbook? It’s never finished, it’s not just a book but technically could be.  Hmmm… Then unreview is a review of a book you haven’t read yet? Interesting.  Well, the Unbook Unreview for The Atlas of New Librarianship has got me excited to read the book again.  Thanks for the reminder, I just requested the next available copy from the library!

Mine would say, go to the library.

new obesssion – pinterest.

Pinterest = a place to catalogue the things you love.  I’d describe it as a big ol’ modgepodge of creativeness.


29 ways to stay creative

29 ways to stay creative