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The Atlas of New Librarianship…

I seen R. David Lankes speak at an ACLA event in Pittsburgh.  His presence is very uplifting and empowering for librarians.  I am definatly going to read this book….



i love to follow links.

I was looking at and seen a picture made with the Tiny Planet app.  Now I made this wonderful picture and it makes me happy.



PCC annoucement of Fleeting Pages.

“‎”Their goal is to fill the old Borders [East End] with all of this amazing creativity. Think workshops, events, books, apparel, art, zines, comics… Whatever people want, really. Here’s the thing though, it’s only going to last for a month, That month begins on April 30. Which means you have to get involved NOW to help make this a really amazing experience here in Pittsburgh.”

I wish I would have time to help.

I’m officially “well read”

The Sad Beautiful Fact That We’re All Going To Miss Almost Everything

My reaction after a Facebook discussion:  

I’d rather have life’s live experiences over being “well read” but I also like books more than people sometimes. I think the article makes a good point between culling and surrendering. Culling you choose to neglect some aspect of reading,… you choose not to read those things. Where in surrendering, you know that you can not read everything you are supposed to so you don’t try to…you get to read what you want not to attain being well read but just because you want to read. Your own “well read” is however you define it. Life is about choosing & priorities – even in your reading, you have to choose what is the best and most important for you.


Attention hipsters: start collecting cute tiny books!

Hungarian Collector Shows Off World’s Smallest Library

more Sweet Valley High? Sweet.

‘Sweet Valley Confidential’ 

Sweet Valley high was the highlight of going to the public library.  They had more books in the series than what we had at home.  These books will always remind me of my sister.  I don’t believe I would have started reading them if she had not.  🙂



The Library Card as a Pop Culture Fiends Ticket to Geek Paradise

I agree. Awesome article.