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I think of sentences all day long…

I had my weekly trip to the Writing Center to look over one of the many papers I will write this semester.  She didn’t tear it to shreds, my writing must be improving? The writing tutor and I discussed our respective collegiate programs.  She stated “I think of sentences all day long.” I replied, “I dread sentences all day long.”  I admire her love of writing, I hope to someday feel that confident and inspired about writing.  This book reminded me of her. How To Write A Sentence: And How To Read One by Stanley Fish (awesome name.)



Mission Possible

The thing I had not considered before entering library school…I’ve never been in big libraries, only small local libraries. Mission: visit as many libraries as I can to get a broader understanding of libraries.

I was downtown on Friday and noticed the black CLP flag sticking out from a building, until then I hadn’t even known there was a CLP downtown.  I walked up to the glass front building that resembles a book store but is easily recognizable with the large etching of “Library” on the window front.  I entered and explored the two story library, my observation is as follows:

  • The library seemed to be very busy for such a small library at 1pm on a Friday.
  • They had their popular fiction books set up like a bookstore with the front of the book displayed and a stack of the same book behind it.  (Note to self: large libraries have multiple copies of books.)
  • They had a set of World Books and I believe another encyclopedia above it.  I wondered why they still had the book in print and how much it gets used. 
  • According to World Cat, it’s not that uncommon for this area  (
  • The library had their copy of Huck Finn proudly displayed.
  • Overhearing a conversation between a library member and a librarian, the computers must be popular because you had to sign up for specific times.
  • They had an intriguing travel section right up front.
  • I was disappointed that they didn’t have any comfy chairs.  It would be wonderful to have one near the giant front windows to people watch the downtowners while reading.

The same day I also had to go to CLP Main to pick up some books for my Young Adult class.  I have been in this library a handful of times but have never explored the second floor.  Truth be told, the first time I was there I didn’t even notice there were steps for a second floor.  I was walking around the teen section and a librarian asked me if I needed help, I said “No” and scampered away.  I am not used to anyone approaching me in a library but I guess that’s what you city folk do.

  • The music/video collection was extensive, the biggest I have ever seen.
  • I was overwhelmed by the media available to learn new things.  This feeling of not having enough time to enjoy everything in life crossed me.
  • They had, I forget what it was called, learning CDs with booklets to teach yourself: art, classical music, WWII, etc. I would have loved to have this resource the summer I graduated college and did not have a job.

Last week on a craft website ( I seen a tutorial for magnetic polaroid frames.  This could be a cool concept for the library to put their name and website on the thick white Polaroid bottom with the words: create, learn, escape.  I would underline the word escape.  This idea is appealing because the hipsters would love it, the craft people would love it, the tweens would love it.  You could use it, give it as a gift, and be reminded when you looked at the magnet, on your fridge of course, that you need to go to the library to: check out a book, renew that other one, see if that new one is in yet.

Crafts + libraries = smiling.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!